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The Jing Orb

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The Jing Orb

The JING ORB is a breakthrough technology in health and wellness that was specifically created based on the understanding by the inventor of how water, under the right conditions, can transform electromagnetic energy into a biologically active form of energy. It is based on a combination of geometry, specific metal resonance signatures, DC electricity and water.

Over time there have been exceptional reports on the beneficial impacts of using the technology. Many of the observations were framed by the background and focus of the researcher. These range from energetic benefits to specific biochemical and genomic benefits.

Individuals with a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and also able to sense energy have commented that there is the powerful benefit of replenishing Jing Energy. In the triad of Jing, Qi and Shen energy, Jing is associated with the physical structure including relating to DNA. This correlates well with the very exciting biochemical and genomic research that has been done that shows extremely positive enhancements in DNA expression.

To understand how the JING ORB works, think of each cell in your body as a miniature battery, and just like batteries, when your cells don't have enough charge, they don't function properly. That is where the JING ORB comes in. By using the JING ORB you are increasing the charge on every cell! In fact, research has shown how this technology has beneficially increased the cellular charge!

More specifically, the JING ORB is designed to create water-mediated bio-energy from electromagnetic energy (electricity). It does this by creating a very safe and specific electromagnetic field in water.

The result is a biological jump start to the battery of your cells.

What's more, it's easy to use. You can have your whole body or just your hand or feet immersed in the water to get the benefits of using the device.

Plus, the JING ORB can be enjoyed in your own home, office or patient practice.

Designed for heavy usage.

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Jing Orb Contents

  • 1 JING ORB Power Unit
  • 1 JING ORB
  • 1 Cable connectors
  • 2 Replacement Disc Sets
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Carry bag

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