Infrared Acupuncture

We have had wonderful reports from several acupuncturists who have been using the infrared mat in their practice. The infrared mat seems to augment the acupuncture treatments. This may be the result of the infrared, negative ions, or the amethyst conditioning the subtle energy. Below is a sample of testimonials we have received.

The infrared mat has been received so well by my clients and all but two use it for every treatment.

I have it on at the beginning of the day and adjust the temperature for each person, although I have observed that it mostly stays at the upper range of middle. My clients rest more deeply with the needles in and several have reported that pain levels with arthritis have decreased. I see one person with diabetes who has had her daily blood sugars stabilized without any other changes in medication, nutrition or exercise.

Victoria Hovde, L.Ac, RN
Middlebury, Vermont

Now that I have added the infrared mat to my acupuncture practice, it has become obvious how it augments treatment. Client testimonials are overflowing. Because of the noticeable change in their condition, they note: Felt incredible relaxation almost immediately; feeling of circulation all over; pain diminished; came in exhausted, left feeling much more energy. People who never fell asleep with acupuncture only, drift off quickly and are much surprised upon awakening, refreshed. Especially effective with Fibromyalgia. It is an incredible adjunct to my practice.

Jean Dugan, L. Ac.
Portland, Oregon

The infrared mat has definitely enhanced my acupuncture treatments by accelerating and potentiating the treatments. I have noticed that the infrared mat breaks up old, chronic patterns of imbalance due to injury, motor vehicle accidents, or other types of chronic pain. The energy moves faster and smoother doing treatment on the mat. The patients go into a deeper meditative/healing space almost immediately, and after the treatment seem even more balanced and stronger. Many times after an acupuncture treatment, it takes a while for the patient to return to our realm. The infrared mat helps the transition easily.

I usually use a setting in the yellow range between 122-140 degrees.

Ellen Shefi, L.Ac., LMT
Oregon City, Oregon